UA-EXPORT.EU outsourcing service

Complete complex on planning, organization and conducting of import-export operations concerning Ukraine


For your convenience, we have bundled offers, as well as separate services which you can add to one or another package of your choice. We have promotions and discounts, please contact our managers for detailed information.

The reward for our work is also the percentage of sales of your products (in case you are an exporter and you plan to sell your products in Ukraine), is determined individually and is obligatory.

Bundled offers:

Name Description Price


translation of inquiries into Ukrainian and Russian, general marketanalysis, placing inquiries on the main Ukrainian portals, collecting information on the main market players, cold calls and sending requests.

450 eur


translation of commercial proposals into Ukrainian and Russian, general marketanalysis, writing of proposals texts and their placement on the main Ukrainian portals, information gathering on key market players in Ukraine, cold calls and distribution of commercial offers.

720 eur

Services to supplement bundled offers:

Name Description Price

Forminga database of potential customers or suppliers

dependson the actual number of enterprises in the database

from 20 eur

Updatingthe database of potential customers or suppliers

dependson the actual number of enterprises in the database

from 20 eur

Createqueries or commercial offers in Ukrainian and Russian

dependson information you provide, details, size, and other factors

from 20 eur

Disseminationof commercial offers or requests

dependson quantity, all offers are send exclusively personally

from 20 eur

Workwith local portals and forums, posting information

dependson the features and rules of the forum, the portal, its depth andtime spent

from 20 eur

Analysisof local prices for this or similar product

dependson the analysis system and its parts

from 20 eur

Coldcalls, presentation of products

dependson quantity

from 20 eur

Meetingson the territory of the client

dependson the location geography

from 20 eur

Creationof promo materials

inelectronic form, printed stands, packaging materials, souvenirs, etc

from 20 eur

Videoand audio materials

inUkrainian and Russian, or with subtitles in Ukrainian and Russian

from 130 eur

Conceptdevelopment of entering the Ukrainian market

dependson your and our vision. We will find the right system for you,provide the necessary recommendations

from 140 eur


theprice depends on the number of characteristics

from 100 eur


dependson the type of certificate

from 50 eur


developmentof optimal logistic model and transport search

from 20 eur


consulting,and creating the best model for our goals

from 20 eur

Price for additional services

Name Description Price

Warehousein Ukraine or in the European Union

Availablefor rent from 5 square meters

from 50 eur/м

Openingan enterprise on the territory of Ukraine

Itmay be a partnership or private enterprise.

from 990 eur