UA-EXPORT.EU outsourcing service

Complete complex on planning, organization and conducting of import-export operations concerning Ukraine

A few words about us

We are an international team of experienced professionals.

We know and see the problems of cooperation with Ukraine, and we are able to solve them.

We are engaged in various projects, work with Ukrainian manufacturers, distributors, trading companies, importers and exporters, and provide services for analysis and entry into the Ukrainian market.

We have representatives in different regions of Ukraine.

We have experience in marketing the European goods to the Ukrainian market, participating in international and local profile exhibitions, entering Ukrainian trade networks, searching for Ukrainian goods and suppliers

We have different technological tools for working with the Ukrainian market.

Our team consists of sales managers, analysts, marketers, logistics, sales agents, customs brokers.

We are young and professional, we keep up with the trends.

We use modern technological tools.



From you - detailed product, plan, and endpoint information, we determine the ability to implement your ideas and plans based on our experience and capabilities. If we met an agreement, we offer you a certain package of services plus additional services.

We sign a contract.


After a payment - the process begins.

We begin studying product, specifications, pricing, competitive features.

Our visits to your office are possible


We collect information from open and closed sources of potential suppliers or clients, place information on free resources (paid by mutual consent and payment), call and write to potential customers, interest them, send in queries or commercial offers.


We agree on sending samples, we carry out informational negotiations, conclude a contract, on the fact of delivery of the product we ask for feedback from the client on cooperation with us and about working with your product. We continue to work according to our agreements.


Respect for the world

In our work we are guided by the principles of respecting and protecting the interests of our clients from any country in the world.


Project management

We select only those products that have real export or import potential (price, quality, etc.). We study suppliers, buyers and product in detail. Constantly in touch with you to clarify the information.



We do not use forbidden techniques. We give the right to incognito for each client.


The time for the result

The minimum duration of the contract can not be less than three months. We guarantee the result in the first months of operation. It is also possible to provide some services.


We have ordered a package of services, we already have new clients, impress the possibilities of this service and professionalism of specialists. We wish success to the service
We have opened the company according to our needs, we use their warehouse. ??? Through sales department we always receive new orders. We will continue to work.
Found suppliers for us in Ukraine, organized a business tour for us for Ukraine. We decided to work for ourselves exclusively on outsourcing, we have the result from the whole department for the salary of two specialists of our office.